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The Niacin and Sauna Detox

niacin and sauna detox

Detox Through Your Skin

Your skin is another major organ of elimination, but many people do not sweat on a regular basis. This may be due to wearing synthetic or tight clothing that does not breathe. Sedentary living and sun damage also inactivate your skin

Dr. George Yu, agraduate of Tufts University Medical School, did his surgical training at Harvard and Johns Hopkins. For the last 35 years, he’s been associated with George Washington University.

He developed a detox method used to treat Gulf War Syndrome in US veterans, and is supported by the US government.

“Of course, a lot of substances come out from your body. But the two biggest surface areas are the skin and the GI tract. In our clinic, we started thinking that we have to mobilize it not only from the skin by sweating after we use the niacin, but also using the GI tract to pull it out,” Dr. Yu explains.

“One of the things that I want to clarify is that people think detoxification is the process. I think it’s actually mobilization of the toxic chemicals, and then having a way to eliminate it and to excrete it out.

‘Detoxification’ by medical terms is only in the liver. That’s very important. But to mobilize things quickly, you have to use this kind of [mobilization and elimination] system.”

The basic protocol is to take high doses of niacin, (vitamin B3) which helps break down fat and release toxins.  You need the form that makes your skin flush.  You then exercise and go into a sauna to sweat.

Work up to a dose of 5,000 milligrams (mg) of niacin over the course of 30 days. Ordinarily however, 100 mg of niacin, once to twice per week, will be sufficient for most people

In terms of timing, you’ll want to begin your exercise 20 minutes after taking the niacin. Exercise for about 20 minutes, making sure you’re really breaking a sweat, then get into the sauna for up to an hour.

Again, do NOT try this without consulting a health care professional. Call us on 01707 662 704 for more help.

Dr Bob Rakowski 7 day Detox

Written by Dr Chris Pickard

First published on: Jun 9, 2015

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