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Testimonials For Chiropractor Chris Pickard DC

Here are a few testimonials….

I have not only been to Dr Chris with back issues after a car accident, but have taken my new born son to be treated by him. I have recommended him regularly over the years to family and clients alike and every one of them has seen the benefit of his expertise. Dr Chris is the easiest recommendation I can make.

James Coleman, Partner, Jigsol Business Solutions LLP Chartered Certified Accountants

I have been to see Dr Chris on several occasions for neck and back problems. What has always impressed me is the all round service. It’s not just about the affected area, but the whole body. He offered me help and advice on diet, exercise, vitamin supplements and a whole host of other areas. He is very knowledgeable on his subject, which he is clearly passionate about. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their overall level of well-being!

Stephanie Kleyman, Director at Kleyman and Co Solicitors Limited

I have osteoarthritis in my knees and Dr Chris was recommended to me. I really don’t like manipulations but I found Dr Chris to be exceptionally professional and he put me at my ease quickly. The treatments were excellent.
Darren Windsor, Principal at London College of Management and Leadership

To: The Pain Relief Centre
Dear Chris
Thanks so much for the treatment you have done on my back. After putting my back out a couple of years ago I had ignored the injury hoping it would just go away on its own, which of course it didn’t.
I have had trouble sleeping for a couple of years, most nights only getting a max of 4 hours. I had mainly put this down to stress of working way too many hours.
I hadn’t even thought this might be down to my back until I met you.
After just one visit my first nights sleep was 7 hours and my wife had to wake me up.
After the second visit my days are just so much more relaxed.
I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you as a chiropractor or the services you provide and it gives me great pleasure in doing so.
Thanks again and best wishes for the future.
Dean Lovelidge
Olivias Flowers and Balloons

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr Chris for a couple of years now and have attended his clinic for much much of that time. I’m fit and healthy with no obvious back issues so why do I go? Well, I want to stay that way so I can lead a fulfilling and active life for as long as possible. Although Dr Chris helps with the CURE it his expert knowledge and ideas regarding PREVENTION that really makes him an outstanding practitioner. I consider my monthly visits to Dr Chris as essential as cleaning my teeth

David Noble, Managing Director of Hospitality and Leisure

Dr. Chris really cares about making people better. Not just people with bad backs but a plethora of other problems. His open minded & caring approach, coupled with expertise & passion for what he does means that he can get your body cure many problems for itself where the approach of conventional medicine would be to pump you full of medication, which is often harmful, for an unspecified period.

Over the years I’ve recommended so many people to Chris with problems ranging from bad backs, high blood pressure to full blown Parkinson’s Disease. The results & feedback have always been brilliant.

He also treated my eldest Son for Dyspraxia with amazing results in a short time.

I can be quite cynical at times, but I have & would never hesitate to recommend this man. You’ll be doing yourself or whomever you recommend him to a massive favour.

James Dannell, Director at Needprint.co.uk, and http://www.martin-dannell.co.uk/

Dr Chris is excellent if you want quick results for pain. My daughter relied on him for once in a while quick emergency treatments when she was in agony prior ( this could be the day before) to sitting her GCSE exams . He was always quick but thorough and relived her pain.

Sharon Hyare

Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Posted In: How to Be Healthy

Published on 19 Mar 2013


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