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Gifts Galore: Energy, Anxiety and Gratitude

In today’s post:

What is the greatest predictor of anxiety?

What to spend time ding instead that will increase your happiness by 25% AND increase how much you exercise?

… and are you working on your Energy?


Starting with energy, have you watched the Energy Forge webinar?

If you want to have MORE time to run your business, build your health, or look after your family then the experts all say your best investment is to spend some time building and managing your energy.

Imagine your energy as a sharp axe.

How many trees can you cut down with a sharp axe in an afternoon compared to a blunt one?

Spend some time sharpening your axe and you WILL get more done.

Better yet, upgrade to a chainsaw!

You can track your way to a sharpened axe with this:


Recently I’ve seen many more highly anxious people.  There are many causes of anxiety, but one of the most insidious and pervasive in our society may surprise you.

In The Upside of Stress, Dr. Kelly McGonigal describes this:

Stress caused by the news, as opposed to stress caused by your life, is unique in its ability to trigger a sense of hopelessness. Watching TV news after a natural disaster or terrorist attack has consistently been shown to increase the risk of developing depression or post-traumatic stress disorder…. It’s not just traditional news programs that instill fear and hopelessness; stories of tragedy, trauma, and threats dominate many forms of media. In fact, a 2014 study of U.S. adults found that the single best predictor of people’s fear and anxiety was how much time they spent watching TV talk shows.

And further research about the Boston Marathon Bombing showed that people had more post traumatic stress disorder after watching the news about the event, than those who actually witnessed it live.

And even more insidious – watching more than 2 hours of ‘reality TV’ and day time talk shows also equated to more anxiety.

So if you are anxious or depressed, please turn OFF the news and talk shows.

…and try this instead:


According to Robert A. Emmons, author of Gratitude Works:

Dozens of research studies with diverse participant groups have also revealed that the practice of gratitude leads to the following:

– Increased feelings of energy, alertness, enthusiasm, and vigor
– Success in achieving personal goals
– Better coping with stress
– Bolstered feelings of self-worth and self-confidence
– Generosity and helpfulness
– Improved cardiac health through increases in vagal tone
– Greater sense of purpose and resilience


All in all, science confirms that the life-giving practice of gratitude broadens our lives by enabling healing of the past, providing contentment in the present, and delivering hope for the future.

One of best researched ways to gain the benefits of gratitude is simply to write down 5 things you are grateful for 1 x week, for 10 weeks.

Could you find time 1 x week to do that? And improve your happiness and exercise habits as a result?

There are other ways to develop gratitude, just Google ‘Robert A. Emmons and gratitude’ to get a start.  (Robert is the world’s leading researcher on gratitude, so he knows his stuff!).

To get you started I found a 21 Day Gratitude Challenge at ‘Passion Planner’ that is a mixture of actions and reflections.

In other words – a cheat sheet to get gratitude momentum going for you.

It does not matter if you miss a day, just get something done every week!

Here’s the download link:

And here’s more on what people how practice gratitude have more of:


  • Stronger immune systems
  • Less bothered by aches and pains
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Exercise more and take better care of their health
  • Sleep longer and feel more refreshed upon waking


  • Higher levels of positive emotions
  • More alert, alive, and awake
  • More joy and pleasure
  • More optimism and happiness


  • More helpful, generous, and compassionate
  • More forgiving
  • More outgoing
  • Feel less lonely and isolated.

So what are you waiting for?

Download your ‘Health Momentum Tracker’ so see where you are now:

Then download the 21 day Gratitude Challenge I found at ‘Passion Planner’ to give you easy ideas for your journaling:

You have EVERYTHING to gain.

Let me know your results.

Serving Your Wellness,

p.s. ‘Be Well’ by practicing gratitude.

All in all, science confirms that the life-giving practice of gratitude broadens our lives by enabling healing of the past, providing contentment in the present, and delivering hope for the future.“ Robert A. Emmons

Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Posted In: Wellness Coaching

Published on 2 Aug 2022


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