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Or Really Bad for your Health?

Back in 1982, the UK’s Medical Research Council agreed that large studies should examine the long-term impact of benzodiazepines (drugs like valium) after research showed brain shrinkage in some patients that was similar to the effects of long-term alcohol abuse.
Did this research happen – no, it conveniently got forgotten about, neglected, or lost in committees.

The long term results – in the UK – 1.5 million unrecognised ‘addicts’ now mostly in the age group getting diagnosed with dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s etc.

Now it’s quite possible to just point the finger of ineptness at the UK government, but don’t forget who’s been making these drugs.

Other recent findings include a link between taking paracetamol when pregnant and giving birth too infertile boys, taking antibiotics and increasing breast cancer (Read article at medicalnewstoday.com), and increased road accidents in France! (Read article at physorg.com)

These are all just the tip of the iceberg.

Public Enemy Number 1

The Attorney General of Indiana State has had published a list of the world’s top 100 corporate criminals. All of the world’s top Pharmaceutical Companies where in there. The very companies our government, and medical doctors listen too for advice on the best treatment for you and I. In fact for many doctors these criminals are the ONLY people they listen too, as they have been brainwashed into it.

So the next time you go to your doctor, ask yourself this question first, “Can I trust an ‘expert’ who trusts criminals?”. To determine if your doctor is in willing cahoots with these people ask if they know that most of their ‘suppliers’ make the drug barons of Columbia look like petty criminals. You think I’m exaggerating? Then read this article, and those related to it here –


You’ll notice that the number one corporate criminal, is the number one pharmaceutical company – Roche.

One final thought, Dr Andrew Wakefield has been all over the press, and been struck off for speaking out about his concerns over vaccine safety, but one the main supporters of vaccines is know a known felon, yet there was nothing in the mainstream news: http://blogs.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2010/03/30/central-figure-in-vaccine-coverup-absconds-with-2-million.aspx

Best of Health

‘Dr Chris’

p.s. A safer alternative to drugs is looking after your body. The most important chemical in your body to keep high is glutathione – read more here with my glutathione article

Written by Dr Chris Pickard

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Published on 10 Nov 2010


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