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Improve Your Health in 30 Days – Drinking Coffee

Greg Norman loved the healthy coffee, tea and hot chocolate so much, he has championed the development of Nespresso compatible pods in Europe.

greg norman healthy coffee

This is no ordinary coffee. (and comes as green tea or hot chocolate too)


Is ganoderma mushroom coffee healthy? It is, as long as you stick to a specific few brands. (Organo and 4 Sigmatic)

Ganoderma lucidum comprises probably 400 different biologically active constituents.  These compounds have a broad spectrum of pharmacological actions including immunomodulation, anticancer, antidiabetic, antioxidant, antiatherosclerotic, antifibrotic, chemopreventive, antitumor, anticancer drug toxicity prevention, analgesic, anti inflammatory, antinociceptive, antimicrobial, hypolipidemic, hepatoprotective, antiandrogenic, antiangiogenic, antiherpetic, antiarthritic, antiosteoporotic, antiaging, antiulcer properties and estrogenic balancing activity.

A search on pubmed will reveal such benefits as:

  • Eases Fibromyalgia if taken daily for 6 weeks
  • Raises neuronal nitric oxide
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Helps antioxidant status of mitochondria both in brain and body
  • Makes cholesterol and platelets less sticky
  • Supresses migration of highly aggressive breast an prostate cancers
  • Prevents beta-amyloid build up in Alzheimer’s’
  • May help prevent and restore function in Parkinson’s
  • Promote survival and axon regeneration of injured spinal motor neurons in rats
  • Hepatic and renal protective effects
  • Significant anti-HIV-1 protease effects
  • Improves recovery from herpes
  • Kills H Pylori
  • Inhibits Staph aureus
  • Deceases fasting serum glucose, insulin and fat
  • In diabetics protects and enhances pancreatic B-cell regeneration
  • More effective than drugs for controlling RA pain
  • Effective anti-allergy
  • Rats live 9-20% longer1 (translates to humans as 7-16 years)
  • Improves wound healing (inc collagen)

Some things I didn’t mention in the video:
Ganoderma clears 88% of HPV in 60 days  when taken with turkey tail mushroom.

Ganoderma may be as good as diazepam/Valium for decreasing anxiety and pain (in high doses), and is MUCH safer.

Ganoderma reduced bone inflammation.


Listen to my friends, Pete Cohen, the Weight Loss Guru, and world renowned sports nutritionist, chiropractor, and functional doctor – Bob Rakowski DC….

If you would like to take the challenge then call us today on 01707 662 704 to get started.

Here’s my link if you want to buy some direct – BodyByCoffee

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The Health Benefits Of Nitric Oxide

benefits of nitric oxideWhen talking about the health benefits of nitric oxide its best to start with pointing out it is NOT ‘nitrous’ oxide which you add to cars to make them go faster, and also makes you laugh (laughing gas)

Nitric Oxide is something very, very important to your health.

I first learned about it back in chiropractic college in about health benefits of nitric oxide1992, a few years before Dr Louis Ignarro,  Robert F. Furchgott and Ferid Murad won the the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering it’s importance and mechanisms of action.Continue reading

The Paleo Diet Explained

Now the Christmas excess is out of the way, let’s talk about food!

One of our practice members recently asked about the hunter-gatherer diet that I had recommended, saying that someone else had ‘debunked’ it.

The problem is, there are a few books about the subject, including ‘The Paleo Diet’ and the ‘Stone Age Diet’, and none of these books actually talks about the scientifically sound diet I mean. I had just assumed they did.

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Lifestyle wins again

Lifestyle Wins Again for Better Health

Yet another study shows lifestyle change has a more dramatic effect on your health than any amount of drugs. (I’m talking about the chronic diseases that kill most westerners).

What is great about this particular research is that it highlights just how quickly positive effects happen.Continue reading

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