Brookmans Park Village Day

Ever since my kids have been at the Brookmans Park Primary School I have taken part in the Village Day in one way or another. Usually having a stall, and helping set up, take down, or in the case of last year – dress up –

Brookmans Park Village Day 2011

Browse through the photos and see if you can find me.

(Bonus prize if you can name the Nursery Rhyme I represent)

As well as supporting the school I like to promote the importance of spinal health for children in Brookmans Park. Children’s health is not just about getting vaccines (which may in fact not work anyway) especially in today’s world of fast or processed food, and fruit and veg that although looking fresh, usually are not.

Then there is my area of expertise – the spine. 97% of the population will at some point suffer severe low back pain, neck pain or headaches at least once. Most of these problems stem from sitting too much from an early age. What many people fail to realise though is that this also alters posture and posture is related very much to overall health – especially future stomach, lung and heart health.

This is why I encourage my kids to exercise there spines and practice correct sitting when possible.

Just like we teach our kids to brush their teeth, we should also teach them to ‘brush’ their spines.

Dr Chris Pickard

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