A lack of magnesium could be the cause of:

  • Aches and pains
  • Muscle cramps
  • High blood pressure
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Abnormal heart rhythms

My Favourite Magnesium Supplements

Magnesium L-threonate:

Best for brain and nerve health.



Muscle Eze Advanced is meticulously formulated with highly bioavailable minerals, malic acid, and herbal extracts that help relax and ease muscle function.



MegaMag® Calmeze has been formulated to support normal psychological function, a healthy nervous system and to reduce tiredness & fatigue by providing a high strength combination of magnesium, B vitamins, L-theanine, glycine, taurine, glutamine and vitamin C. It is supplied in 3 tasty flavours  which easily mix with water or juice.

you will need my practitioner code to order: 228 587





Hello Facebook Land. This is Chris Pickard at Body in Balance in Hertfordshire. Today I’m gonna be sharing with you a new form of magnesium.

I don’t know if it’s actually new to the world, whether it’s just a new understanding of a particular form of magnesium or whether it is actually something that’s been newly made in a lab.

But his thing magnesium is an element. We need it for our bodies. It has many, many, many uses. Magnesium is needed for energy production.

It’s also needed to help you relax as well. It’s needed for your brain to work properly. It’s needed to strengthen your bones. There is a huge list of reasons that magnesium is needed and low levels of magnesium. Can lead to cramps and spasms.

Low energy. It can lead to chronic fatigue. It can lead to pain. It can eat heart arrhythmia it can lead to vomiting.

There is just a huge list.

So magnesium is something we all need it’s essential for life. So what we need okay, is we need very often to get more interest because magnesium is used up when we’re under stress on also when we sweat lots as well.

So a lot of people who exercise and don’t have an amazing diet end up becoming magnesium deficient. They have sore neck muscles. They find it very hard to recover.

Now. Magnesium isn’t the only deficiency, okay, but it’s one of the most common thing because so many people are stressed as well, so you can get it obviously from foods. We should be getting a lot from foods. For instance, all green foods contain chlorophyll which has magnesium in it.

On the biggest difference between chlorophyll, which is green, and haemoglobin, which is red, is that haemoglobin has iron in it and chlorophyll has magnesium in it.

They’re probably some other differences as well. But that’s one of the big basic differences. So anything green is gonna have lots of magnesium in it so this is why I love things like dynamic greens because it’s not just got magnesium from chlorophyll, and it’s got lots of other things in it that make it much more absorbable.

That’s something you do need a magnesium supplement because they need more. They need lots of magnesium and those things, like magnesium citrate, magnesium malate, calcite, oxide. They will have slightly different uses, and some are much better at purging the bowels. So if you really blocked up, it can really help push things.

Through but generally all forms of magnesium at the higher days can actually cause your bowels to really loosen and sometimes a bit too much. It can be a problem as some people need huge huge dosages of magnesium, but they can’t absorb it properly.

So there’s a problem and people that you can do enemas too absorb it into the body as well. But there’s a new form. There’s a new kid on the block.

I can’t where is it, in fact, because I still can’t flip the camera. Okay, this month I’ve been on youtube and I’ve looked out to do it the little wand doesn’t appear. It’s now a different one from the wand videos, and there’s no there’s no write backwards that says magtein but it’s called magnesium l-threonate so writing backwards so bare with me magnesium l-threonate you can you possibly even see that magnesium?

Magnesium l-threonate can you read that? Yes. Magnesium l-threonate.

So this form of magnesium is really massively absorbable so it means that you can get a really good dose inside your body at a low level without it going through you but there’s something else that they found out about magnesium l-threonate it is also readily absorbed into the brain, which is fantastic, cause other forms of my needs aren’t but magnesium has put it in the brain, so it must get into the brain somehow.

But I think they were just looking at the supplemental form and to get extra magnesium in the brain. Magnesium l-threonate is fantastic. What does it do when it’s in the brain?

What? It helps the synapses is of your brain. The little connections between the nerves fire better and improve communication. Because magnesium has a really good relaxing a calming effect. It doesn’t make you tired but it just calms things down. It gives clarity and clearness.

Yeah, I’ve been using this now for not quite a month. Uh, on yet I think it really is actually helping. I am fired up a little bit more hard to believe. I know, but I’m fired up. There’s more.

There’s a bit more oomph to me, and I’ve also started taking you a bit more before bed to see if I have a deeper sleep. Well, I have a deep sleep anyway.

But I’m just seeing if there’s anything that’s going to make me want to go to sleep, because the problem is at night, I have loads of energy.

I have loads of energy all the time. Maybe I should. Magnesium can help calm you and it’s very absorbable into the brain helps calm down the brain, which can then help calm down neurons. I was speaking about explosive synchronicity synchronization in the brain.

Magnesium will help calm that down. We’ve got things like fibromyalgia, chronic pain very sensitive to pain. This is a good thing to start taking, so on that note let’s talk about something else.

Magnesium is also really, really, really needed to make your bones strong. So most people know about calcium. Okay, some people have heard about vitamin d3 if you can see that it is d3 vitamin d three with vitamin k two and vitamin d three. Help get calcium into your blood from your bowls.

Vitamin d3 also has massive anti-inflammatory properties off its own but then vitamin k 2 helps the calcium get into your bones. And when you take magnesium, vitamin d3 and k2 all together in the right amounts, it can have tremendous effects on arthritis.

So if you know somebody with arthritis tell about magnesium l-threonate and get them to have the right amount of d3 and k2 together this is why use these because three of these and 15 drops of this is a really good concoction for arthritis.

So thank you very much. If you know anyone that would like to have their brain fired up, then suggest magnesium l-threonate to them. Share this video if you know arthritis.

Share this video with them. Give us a call on 01707 662 704 if you like to come in and meet or book a consultation. If you have any questions, just write them down underneath the video okay. Thank you. And live young and prosper.


The Importance of Fat Loss In Immunity

Fat loss (as opposed to just weight loss) is related to many health benefits.

Including better immunity.

This was originally a Facebook Live video:

5 Signs You Have Lowered Immunity

You can access our PDF here  – weak immune system

Health Issues Related To Being Overweight

  • Coronary Heart Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Stroke
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Cancer
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Obesity hypoventilation syndrome (OHS) i can lead to serious health problems and may even cause death.
  • Reproductive Problems
  • Gallstones
  • AND an inflamed immune system

If losing 5-10 lbs of fat in 1 or 2 weeks, and improving your health is of interest to you then call us on 01707 662 704

What to Do While We Wait for A Vaccine

Video Updates November 2020

Thought on ‘90% Vaccine Effectiveness’

If the Government and the NHS told us this, would we even be looking at a vaccine?

Supplements Mentioned:

Multivitamin & Mineral

Omega 3

D3 (with K2)

Ganoderma Lucidum

For these 2 you will need to quote my practitioner number while ordering: 228 587


OR- you can now get the active ingredient of Wellmune in one supplement containing D3, VitC, Zinc, and 2 medicinal mushrooms:

Immunity Complex


Maybe extra Zinc


Update as of September 2020:

The first trial on giving Vitamin D supplements to coronavirus patients in hospitals has just been completed in Spain.

The results where –

High dose Vitamin D supplementation reduced need for intensive care by 98% (compared to only 50% for current medical/drug care) and nobody given vitamin D died, while 7% of those using only current treatments did.

To be clear, both groups of people in hospital received the drugs, but those given D3 in addition did remarkably better.

It seems likely that vitamin D by itself is pretty effective (and safe).

If you add this to the earlier hospital trial in Singapore using low dose vitamin D, B12 and magnesium for just 5 days, AND all the other data looking and nutrient levels then it would strongly support the hypothesis that all we need to do to safely and dramatically decrease the threat of covid is take a good multivitamin and extra D3.

…and this is without having to improve diet or exercise – so it’s easy for everyone.

The dose of D3 given in the Spanish trial was the equivalent of 30,000 IU a day for 7 days, then about 7000IU per day after that.  (This was for treatment of covid – see below for my thoughts on prevention)

A possible prevention strategy using the information above:

Vitamin D3 1000 IU
Magnesium 150mg
Vitamin B12 500mcg

And from the D3 study it would seem wise that upping the D dose to 5000IU per day could be preventative (which is what I usually recommend for everyone through winter to help stay healthy).

A couple of extra points…

Taking vitamin K2 with vitamin D helps prevent vitamin D toxicity, and also confers many other health benefits.

So, you would take just 2 of the 3  supplements at the Singapore levels (or close), such as:

And higher dose D3/K2

However, as many people are deficient in a range of vitamins and minerals known to be important for immune health, I prefer adding a multi to the above – OR just take a multi, and the high dose D3

If you , or someone you know has a health condition of any kind then I would suggest seeking advice from a nutritionist before taking any supplements.

If you know someone who has particular immune issues then they can learn more from me here:

Now back to the vaccine….

One thing I constantly worry about is ‘How long is this all going to take?’

And are we really going to have to sit and wait for a vaccine?

Here’s some facts I dug up about vaccines.

Good vaccines that have taken 20 to 30 years to develop and have gone through multiple upgrades still fail to create antibodies 2-10% of the time.

Vaccines against the flu fail between 40% to 90% of the time!

Vaccines made for previous coronaviruses failed between 25% and 86% of the time.

Maybe we will have better luck with C19?

Do we really want to wait 18 months though, only to fail?

Some good news though:
A study from China showed that patients who received both hospital medicine AND traditional herbs chosen specifically for them had a death rate 27x lower than those who just got medical care alone.

Many medical doctors in the USA are finding novel ways to treat the virus, including Dr Miriam Rahev in New York, and I really recommend taking the time to listen to this interview with her after you’ve finished reading this post, especially if you think there is nothing we can do if we get symptoms:

A Functional Medicine Approach To COVID-19 with Dr. Miriam Rahav

And a reminder about what the lockdown is about

Dr. David Katz, MD on the Pandemic (Debunking Myths, and a Key Shift in Thinking)


Now, back Statistics: (sorry)

C19 death rate amongst those with:

  • Cardiovascular disease – as high as 10.5%
  • Diabetes – as high as 7.5 %
  • General Population – 0.2%

Now, are you ready for this?

Most of the population do not have a healthy lifestyle – ie they fail in at least one area of eating, exercise, stress, sleep or smoking.

So only 3-5% of the ‘General Population’ are actually fully health and immune optimised.

And amongst that group of people… the C19 death rate…. 0.00014%.

That means that the top 3-5% of the population are 1428 times more likely to survive.

This means that despite what the media has been spewing there are many health strategies you can start using today that will help your immune system (and REALLY save the NHS).

And this is without factoring for another major contributor to covid deaths – air pollution! (which you can protect yourself against)

So my mission at the moment is quite simple.

1) To work with people who have cardiovascular disease and diabetes to gain better control over their health, lower their mediation needs, and lower their risk.
2) To work with those in the ‘General Population’ that want to become part of the truly ‘Healthy Population’
3) Work with those in the Healthy Population ‘detox’ from air and other pollution and become even more robust and energetic.

Have a think about which of those 3 categories you may be in. I’m currently working with a select group right now, helping them walk through a Health Action Plan, and helping them apply some specific strategies for their situation.
If you would like an individual Health Action Plan to move you to a new, higher level of health and survival, then message me and I’ll let you know what to do next. (there is no cost or obligation)

Be Well

01707 662 704

Why High Blood Pressure is an Immunity Problem

If you would like to go more indepth on the above 3 myths and pick up some free blood pressure reducing resources, you can watch my webinar version here:

Why High Blood Pressure Medicine is Not Protecting You Against the Coronavirus

This is a quick post, based on a newspaper article I wrote to get this important information out, so there is some extra sensationalism in the headlines.

I will post a video soon, or you can join ‘The Health Lab’ on Facebook to watch the one I’ve already done:

Here’s the article (I’ll be adding in more info and references later)

Your Self Defence Against Clovid-19 Just Got Better…

A New Way To Lower High Blood Pressure That Also Improves Immunity

High Blood Pressure Significantly Increases Your Risks With Covid-19 – This Is What You Need To Know NOW To Protect Yourself!

Millions of people in the UK and across the world have hypertension, a condition that, without proper management, can contribute to the risk of heart disease and stroke.  We now also know that people with high blood pressure are also the most at risk from dyeing with coronavirus.

Dr Aseem Malhotra, a cardiologist, recently disclosed on Sky news – “the people who are most vulnerable to severe complications from this virus have chronic metabolic disease”

So what is the link between high blood pressure and coronavirus death?

The immune system.

Dr Malhotra went on to say in the Sky News interview, “if you have high blood pressure, if you’re pre-diabetic or type two diabetic and you have a dysregulated immune system, your white cells are not functioning optimally.”

For a number of years scientists have suspected the immune system has a role in protecting us not just against bacteria and viruses, but also heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Then last year, researchers led by the University of Edinburgh discovered a particular cell that is part of the immune system, called the macrophage, was directly related to high blood pressure.  They found that by altering the diet of mice, macrophage levels decreased, and blood pressure went up.  When the scientists restored macrophage levels blood pressure normalised.

We need macrophages to fight bacteria and viruses.

So how do we raise macrophages in humans?

Big Problems…

It has been known for a long time that just treating high blood pressure and heart disease with drugs is inadequate and diet improvement and the correct type of exercise is needed.  There is a big problem though – doctors don’t have the time to learn or teach what is needed.

A truly heart healthy diet will include many of the nutrients we need to lower blood pressure and improve immune function, but today’s modern diet is very deficient in these vital nutrients.

The right amount and type of exercise is critical for immune function, but too much of the wrong type can cause problems which increase blood pressure.

Another big problem is environmental heavy metals.  Various heavy metals like lead and arsenic have been indicated as causes of heart disease and high blood pressure, and are more common than most people realise.  The problem is that many of these metals build up slowly from sources like water pollution, second hand smoke, car fumes, foods, and even medicines.

One more problem is air pollution.  Air pollution disrupts the proper regulation of a chemical called nitric oxide in your lungs, then through your whole body.  Nitric oxide is needed to keep your blood vessels to relaxed, your brain to function properly and is vital to fight bacteria and viruses.  If nitric oxide production is not regulated properly it turns from something friendly, to something potentially deadly.

Drugs fail to offer a real solution because although they can lower blood pressure, they do not tackle the underlying dietary or exercise issues, and certainly not problems with macrophages, heavy metals or nitric oxide regulation. This is possibly why those with high blood pressure are at such risk with Covid-19.

Good news.

While medicine is currently inadequate it is possible to make dramatic changes to your macrophages in as little as 10 days.  Functional health specialist Chris Pickard B.Sc provides online training programs that take you through a step by step approach to restore nitric oxide regulation, lower heavy metals and improve macrophage health.  It starts with a 10 day ‘blood pressure blitz’ – a dietary, nutritional and specific exercise approach designed to rapidly address the underlying causes of poor health.

“It is important that you stay on the medicine your doctor has prescribed through this process, and only lower it once your underlying conditions improve and your doctor says it’s safe to do so” Chris points out.

“I first became interested in natural approached to high blood pressure when my father’s diabetes became so bad his doctor was going to put him on insulin injections. This was despite being of normal weight, being moderately active and following the NHS guidelines on eating.

My father however, refuses to have injections (even at the dentists!) and was determined to improve. So he asked me what else he could try. Without going into detail I put him on an intense detox.

Within a few days his system started to improve. Within 2 weeks his blood sugar and blood pressure where normal, and within 3 weeks he took himself off his medication.

Since that time I have studied with and learned from top functional medical doctors around the world who specialise in fixing the true, underlying cases of chronic disease like high blood pressure and diabetes”

If you, or anyone you know, have blood pressure problems, now is the time to seek help.  To qualify for help form one of Chris’s online programs you must have internet access.  Call now on 01707 662 704 and ask to start the ‘blood pressure blitz’ program.

With covid-19 rampant in the UK there has never been a more important time to lower your blood pressure – naturally.

Call now on 01707 662 704 and leave a message if calling out of hours (although at the moment, all phones are forwarded to allow him to work from home).

More Info –




Coronavirus, What We Are Doing & What You Can Do

First of all, follow the guidelines about washing hands, and self-isolation if you are unwell.

Remember though that YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.  How well it works today is a direct result of the lifestyle choices you have made, not  the government.

If you are not unwell, then you may want to ramp up your  health, so keep tuned to my emails, FB lives and Youtube videos.  If you are unwell, then I’ll be making some videos to help you in isolation.

My latest update on How to Keep your Immune System Healthy

Here’s what we are doing in the clinic to keep you safe:

Here is what you can do BEYOND the very simplistic (but effective) official guidelines:

Why now is the time to start an outside exercise routine:

Get some perspective on how deadly the coronavirus is when compared to being sedentary and having a poor diet:

And this is a gift from 2 of my mentors, Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.
Watch them if you need a mindset reboot:

Keep Well.

If you are looking to boost your health to Magnificent Levels then consider taking my ‘Anti-Ageing Lab’ & ‘Magnificent 7’ training courses.  Call us on 01707 662 704 and ask to speak to me.



Five Practical Steps To Boost Immunity in the Pandemic Panic

While the government is concentrating on washing hands and self-isolation, and the media is intent on doing nothing of benefit, I thought it would be a good idea to write something useful for you.  Something that is practical, evidence based, and effective not just protecting against one virus (which is all  vaccine can do), but a number of today’s major concerns.

For instance – 7 people die EVERY day from taking pain killer in the UK.  192 will die from diabetes. And 2,191will die today in Europe from air pollution.  So instead of spending a fortune on telling people to wash their hands and 46 million pounds on a vaccine, why not try this approach instead:

  1. Eat a diet high in VARIETY of plant foods – 30 different plant types per week. A study on 13,000 identical twins, the PREDICT Study, by Dr Tim Spector, has shown that when it comes to health, ‘plant variation’ in your diet is the key to a long healthy life. The same study also revealed most people will benefit from doubling the amount of fibre in their diets as well.  These 2 factors have a huge impact on your microbiome – all the ‘good’ bacteria in your body that fight ‘bad’ bacteria and also help keep viruses at bay in your lungs.
  2. Physical activity may help flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways. This may reduce your chance of getting a cold, flu, or other illness.
  3. Decrease effects of air pollution. When it comes to protecting yourself against respiratory infections like the coronavirus it would make sense to see what science says we can do. Air pollution contributes to over 30 heart attacks a day in the UK, and over 2000 deaths a day across Europe.  The Institute of Medicine found taking the following nutrients as a minimum to decrease the effects of lung pollution:
    • 400 micrograms (mcg) of folate (B9),
    • 3 to 1.7 mg of B6
    • and 2.4 mcg of B12
  4. We know that many people in the UK have some form of nutrition deficiency which can lead to a lowered immune response – D3, Magnesium, B vitamins and Omega 3 for instance. All these can be tested by your GP, and also have impacts on other aspects of your health, so it’s worth knowing what you need.
  5. Improve your posture! Forward head posture decreases lung capacity, as well as putting pressure on your heart. Better lung capacity and heart function will improve oxygen and nutrient delivery to your whole body and improve immunity.

Further tips –You can learn more about building your health over 30 days with our free ‘Magnificent Health Experience’, enrol here

Vegan Omega 3, Coronavirus Hype, and Cholesterol

I hope I’m right, the media is wrong, and it gets sued for creating an crises.

If you are as panicked as the media about the coronavirus then go watch the ‘Chiropractic 1918 Flu Pandemic’ video by Dr. Dan Murphy I just added to our ‘How to Prevent colds & Flu’ page.

You may also be interested to know, we now stock CBG oil (similar to CBD oil) which has been shown to kill MRSA.  I’ll be sending out a separate email about that soon.

Today however, I want try and dispel some panic & fear.

Last night I posted this on my personal Facebook page, and it received quite a bit of attention, from people agreeing. Which suggests that the media is really guilty about the hype:

“Today, NOBODY in the UK died from the coronavirus, and there is widespread economic ‘headless chickenry’ and a COBRA meeting.

Meanwhile TODAY there have been 207 deaths from medical errors. In the UK.

192 people died in the UK today from poor dietary choices aka – diabetes.

2,191 people have died today in Europe from air pollution.

It would be great to see some effort and education where it counts.

While ‘washing your hands’ is a huge step towards preventing the spread of disease, educating people on why they should eat more fruit and veg, especially local, and get more exercise would help not just the corona-mania, but also diabetes, heart disease, dementia, cancer, and pollution.

And then maybe adding in some advice like – get some sunshine, and get your D3 and omega 3 profiles checked with a simple blood test. Then supplement if required.

The media is really missing a chance to do a lot of good here.”

In the Facebook post I mentioned getting your D3 and Omega 3 levels checked.  Both these ‘3s’ are critical to a healthy immune response, and while D3 blood tests are common, omega 3 tests are not.  This puzzled me.

Adequate omega 3 levels are not only related to immune health, but also to brain health and heart health.

Indeed Your omega-3 index has a greater impact on risk of heart disease than does your cholesterol level!

The right omega 3 oils also improve blood pressure, reduce inflammation and help slow the progression of Alzheimer’s.

One of this year’s big trends is veganism, which while I applaud everyone’s increased uptake of plant foods, it does have a number of nutritional drawbacks unless you really know what you are doing. One of them is that plant-based omega-3 (ALA) is converted in restricted amounts to the forms you find in animals (EPA and DHA), but not in large enough amounts to support your brain and heart health.

For this reason, if you are a veggie or a vegan, or anyone who eats fish less than 3 x week , it’s worth getting an Omega 3 ‘fatty acid profile’ test.

It’s not yet common practice in GP surgeries, but you can go and ask.

If you can’t wait, or they won’t do it, then you can get an easy to do test sent direct to you, from one of the labs I use:

Balance Your Omega-3s and Omega-6s


So to recap:

  • it seems that the media and the government want us all to panic about something that most people realise is trivial compared to other issues
  • a recent ‘healthy’ trend may be lowering immunity in some people
  • you can get checked for Omega 3 levels
  • and you can get your spine adjusted to boost immunity (it was in the video I told you about at the start)

I hope you enjoyed today’s email.

Let me know what you think about the coronavirus ‘hype or help’.

Be Well

Chris ‘Omega 3’ Pickard
01707 662 704


5 really super foods for your immunity – 1 is a garden pest

Antibiotics are being massively over-prescribed, and that is bad news for a number of reasons, the most devastating is that they cause long term damage to our cells.

There are lots of things we can do to boost our immunity with no downsides.

One is to increase our use of particular ‘superfoods’.

There are many superfoods that get plenty of mentions on the internet, and you may already be using some – such as turmeric, aloe vera, chlorella and spirulina.

They all have great health properties and I recommend them all.

Here are some others, less well known:

Noni, a fruit from Australia and India combats inflammation and boosts immunity, and may be good for cancer pain relief


Mangosteen: a small purple tree fruit grown in Southeast Asi.

In the 19th century, the mangosteen was given the nickname “the queen of fruits,” due to a rumour that they had been particularly sought by Queen Victoria.

It’s health effects are possibly down to a group of chemical called xanthonoids. Effects include  immune boosting, improved pancreatic and cardiovascular function, decreased inflammation & antibacterial properties.

Bonus, it’s an AMPK activator like ganoderma (the mushroom in the green tea & coffee I drink)  –  see this video

Acerola Cherry  –  stops the growth and spread of lung cancer.

Japanese Knotweed – this one is a real surprise.

We know it as a weed, but it has more than 100 chemical compounds that may have beneficial uses.

Boosts the immune system and may be effective against the deadly flesh eating MRSA

May help with Asthma, and protect the liver, heart and brain from stroke, Alzheimer’s’ and Parkinson’s.

May also help improve sleep.

So should you get all of these in your diet?

It would certainly seem like a good idea, and I do so almost every day, because the ‘Fruits & Greens’ powder we sell at the clinic contains everything I’ve mentioned above and far more.

You can pick some up on your next visit if you are not already using it. Or we can post it to you anywhere in the UK  (and probably the USA too).

February 14, 2020

Productivity and Motivation

Temporary Update:   Before watching the Productivity video with Dean Graziosi below, you may be interested in how Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi helped me increase my impact (and income). They released this video last night (27/2/2020) and it’s already been viewed over 200,000 times:

If you like the sound of what they are talking about then stay tuned to this page if you need more info, or get in now, and get started:  Get the KBB Initiative

You can always reach out and ask for my personal opinion. Short version – the tools Dean teaches about mindset alone are worth it.

If you don’t know who Dean Graziosi or Tony Robbins are,  just go to Google or Amazon. They are serial entrepreneurs who believe anyone can enjoy the freedom and success they have created for themselves.

First up is a presentation Dean did for his private ‘Inner Circle’ that he has semi-released to the public. 

It briefly features his son, and my notes are below the subscription box.

And now here’s a quick 10 minutes from Tony Robbins about ‘BEND WIMP’ his little reminder about how to deliver a great talk.  This is part of Tony and Dean’s new online course.  If you’d like to know more about that, or more about productivity and motivation then fill in the subscription box below Tony’s video:

My Brief Notes…


Binary thinking  – it’s either a Needle Mover – or its not!
   ‘Absolute Thinking’

Is this activity moving me forwards or not?

Am I being Productive or just busy?

Where would I be in 10 years if I keep these habits

Dose this energise me or drain me?

Overwhelm – focus on LESS
 – define/discover your super power
 – find out who needs your superpower (i.e. – who needs saving)
– then market and teach

Need clearly defined targets and deadlines – FOCUS

Lack of Systems and Learning from the right person/experiences – These are Lack of Discipline

Discipline is what allows you to set your day up for success – then your week, month, year, life

Your days are the sum results of your daily actions.

Your daily actions are a result of your daily habits

You either have ‘dollar habits’ or million dollar habits

Change the name of discipline to Rituals, or something else if you need

“Decide to do it, schedule it, stick to the schedule”

Set up every day for success – design a morning automatic routine for it- that sets your intention for the day.

Insecure and afraid Day
Good enough Day
On Fire Day  – Courageous and Confident  – learn what helps or hinders

Discover, Decide, Take Action

  • Look at everything you want to and NEED to achieve over the next 2 weeks
  • List them in logical order – most important first – Chunk it down.
  • Start doing it – set Dedicated hours in which you only get on with these tasks!
    Nothing but Needle Movers with hard start and end times, like appointment at dentist.

Decide who and what get your attention

Stand firm in your commitment

Stay focused on the Right Now – the things that you need to do right now

Eliminate – unneeded social media, email, tv etc
   Email – be proactive, not reactive

You get better if you Play The Game – not if you only watch it.

Learning through your own trial and error takes time! And often costs more.

February 11, 2020

Why Pollution Increases Heart Drugs Side Effects

benefits of nitric oxide

Did you know the heart disease is on the increase?

So with Valentine’s Day this Friday it’s only natural to think of matters of the heart, and why I’m giving away Free Heart Health Checks (both in person and online – subscribe below via the ‘Nitric Oxide’ link and email me).

I usually start Fridays with some stretching, then some learning, then a walk around Stanborough Lakes with Lily (our dog).

Sometimes I go to the gym first.

It’s a given that exercise is great for the heart.

It’s also a given that eating the right foods is important.

But what exactly are the right foods?

While there is no one particular food, it does seem that foods containing nitrogen seem to be key.

Why nitrogen?

Because it’s needed to make Nitric Oxide (NO) which is one of the most important chemicals in the body.

It helps your immune system, is important in controlling inflammation, brain health, sexual health (it’s how Viagra works) and heart health.

It’s now know that the lower your NO levels, not only is it more likely you will have heart disease but also – THE MORE LIKELY YOU ARE TO HAVE SIDE EFFECTS TO THE DRUGS YOU’VE BEEN GIVEN!

I said above heart disease is on the increase, and if you’ve been paying attention to my recent posts and emails you’ll know air pollution is a big cause of that increase.

Why would air pollution increase heart disease?

Well it seems that air pollution disrupts your ability to make/control NO.

So, apart from moving to the middle of Canada to avoid air pollution what can you do?

First of all, purchase an air purifier, even a small one that cleans the air where you sleep at night.

You can find plenty on Amazon –

Second, take something to boost glutathione.  Glutathione both protects you against air pollution, and it also directly protect the NO system.

Try N-acetyl Cysteine for instance. (I can go through what I do on your next visit)

Third – directly feed your NO system with the right food and some supplements by watching the videos and downloading the pdf food guide here:

Fourth: Book your Free Heart Health Check by replying to the email you’ll get when you subscribe to the Nitric Oxid e info.

So in summary – for a better heart you need to exercise and eat right, and look after your lungs.

Have a great Valentines Day, and share this information with someone you love, who’s heart you care for.

Be Well

Chris ‘Happy Heart’ Pickard
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