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Everyday Vitality

Almost every day I exercise in some way.
I vary my exercise program to achieve different goals and to keep it interesting.
I always do some kind of ‘spinal hygiene’ to keep my brain working.
(If you have forgotten the link between the brain and the spine then listen to part 2 of my EPIC Health audio introduction: EPIC Health)

Recently I have been using the Chinese ‘5 Yin Organs’ Chi Kung routine to do my spinal hygiene.

Chi Kung Hertfordshire

In China Chi Kung (or Chi Gong, or Qigong, or many other variations) and Tai Chi exercises are often prescribed along with Western medicine for a number of conditions. There are some exercises that may even have beneficial effects on cancers.

Professor Jerry Allan Johnson in the USA has been studying Chi Kung for many years and has developed a program of exercises specifically for breast cancer. It seems to have positive benefits as he persuaded one US health insurance company to include it in part of their treatment plan.

It is from some old DVD’s by Prof Johnson that I learned my current Chi Kung regime. You can learn the basic 5 exercises watching the videos below, but if you want to learn the full healing and energising ‘workouts’ I would recommend you get his DVD’s. – links at the bottom

Five Yin Organs Chi Kung

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The Lung Meridians
Unsurprisingly, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the Lung meridian is the ‘master of respiration’ so linked with lung and heart health. It is also related to the skin. So possible related symptoms of Lung meridian dysfunction can be allergies, (think asthma, hay fever and rashes) and immune problems (colds and flu). In psychological terms the Lung is related to communication problems.

The Kidney Meridians
I’ve included a link to a Youtube video I found showing the whole exercise, as I know you can’t see it all in my video (sorry)

In TCM, the kidney meridians control excretion, the muscles (cramping) connective tissues and adrenal function. On top of that also spinal, bone and brain health.
Weakness caused by dehydration, too much heat (from sport and exercise) and fear.
Forgetfulness (I got that wrong in my video- oops) and rheumatic symptoms can be a sign of kidney weakness.
The psychological influence is wilfulness and stubbornness.
The Liver Meridians
You liver is your own personal metabolic laboratory and is vital in almost all aspects of your health. In TCM the liver is “The Energy of the Personality” and the eyes are the window of the liver.
In TCM it is primary in decision making, and having a vision (along with GB)
Symptoms to look out for – numbness and painful tendons
The Heart Meridians
As you would expect – arteries and oxygen. And emotional stress – rejecting or accepting people.  Linked to sleeplessness and the upper wisdom teeth.

The Spleen Meridians
Blood and lymph – waste materials, especially proteins. Weakened by toxins and stress
In TCM terms together with the stomach meridian it is responsible for the absorption, assimilation, transformation and transportation of the food. The spleen regulates water distribution, nourishes the muscles and affects the connective tissue.
Trigeminal neuralgia is linked to the spleen.
Pondering over problems and obsession with thoughts are signs of spleen dysfunction as are problems with sinus, thyroid, parathyroid, heavy metals, knees and ankles.

To learn more from Prof Jerry Alan Johnson, his Healing Workout, and Energizing Workout, click on the picture below, or click – The Healing Workout

healing chi kung review



Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Published on 17 Mar 2015


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