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The First Step To Corporate Wellness

The first step in implementing a corporate wellness scheme may vary depending on the exact needs of the company and it’s employees.  Whatever it is, it must be easy, and fun.

The three major areas to work upon from a financial perspective are:

  1. Decrease work related accidents and injuries
  2. Decrease minor illnesses like colds and flu
  3. Decrease back pain and headaches

All three cost UK industry billions of pounds a year in lost productivity and payouts, yet all three can be reduced with simple steps.

My suggestion is to start with something free, simple and fun to implement that can save lives – accident prevention.

How to prevent work accidents and injuries

There are a number of free biorhythm calculators.  One I like is

The success of any health wellness scheme to decrease accidents will be determined by 2 main factors:
1) The existing health and safety procedures
2) Staff engagement

Hopefully you already have number 1 in place, but could it be improved upon?

To improve staff participation in corporate wellness you can offer incentives, but they may only have a short term effect. Your best bet is to find some way to turn it into a game, and to build team activities.

If you enjoyed this free information then imagine what could be done with professional help. Call me at the clinic on 01707 662 704 if you would like to discuss an EPIC corporate health and wellness plan.


Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Posted In: Wellness Coaching

Published on 30 Mar 2015


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