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Why High Blood Pressure Medicine is Not Protecting You Against the Coronavirus

This is a quick post, based on a newspaper article I wrote to get this important information out, so there is some extra sensationalism in the headlines.

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Here’s the article (I’ll be adding in more info and references later)

Your Self Defence Against Clovid-19 Just Got Better…

A New Way To Lower High Blood Pressure That Also Improves Immunity

High Blood Pressure Significantly Increases Your Risks With Covid-19 – This Is What You Need To Know NOW To Protect Yourself!

Millions of people in the UK and across the world have hypertension, a condition that, without proper management, can contribute to the risk of heart disease and stroke.  We now also know that people with high blood pressure are also the most at risk from dyeing with coronavirus.

Dr Aseem Malhotra, a cardiologist, recently disclosed on Sky news – “the people who are most vulnerable to severe complications from this virus have chronic metabolic disease”

So what is the link between high blood pressure and coronavirus death?

The immune system.

Dr Malhotra went on to say in the Sky News interview, “if you have high blood pressure, if you’re pre-diabetic or type two diabetic and you have a dysregulated immune system, your white cells are not functioning optimally.”

For a number of years scientists have suspected the immune system has a role in protecting us not just against bacteria and viruses, but also heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Then last year, researchers led by the University of Edinburgh discovered a particular cell that is part of the immune system, called the macrophage, was directly related to high blood pressure.  They found that by altering the diet of mice, macrophage levels decreased, and blood pressure went up.  When the scientists restored macrophage levels blood pressure normalised.

We need macrophages to fight bacteria and viruses.

So how do we raise macrophages in humans?

Big Problems…

It has been known for a long time that just treating high blood pressure and heart disease with drugs is inadequate and diet improvement and the correct type of exercise is needed.  There is a big problem though – doctors don’t have the time to learn or teach what is needed.

A truly heart healthy diet will include many of the nutrients we need to lower blood pressure and improve immune function, but today’s modern diet is very deficient in these vital nutrients.

The right amount and type of exercise is critical for immune function, but too much of the wrong type can cause problems which increase blood pressure.

Another big problem is environmental heavy metals.  Various heavy metals like lead and arsenic have been indicated as causes of heart disease and high blood pressure, and are more common than most people realise.  The problem is that many of these metals build up slowly from sources like water pollution, second hand smoke, car fumes, foods, and even medicines.

One more problem is air pollution.  Air pollution disrupts the proper regulation of a chemical called nitric oxide in your lungs, then through your whole body.  Nitric oxide is needed to keep your blood vessels to relaxed, your brain to function properly and is vital to fight bacteria and viruses.  If nitric oxide production is not regulated properly it turns from something friendly, to something potentially deadly.

Drugs fail to offer a real solution because although they can lower blood pressure, they do not tackle the underlying dietary or exercise issues, and certainly not problems with macrophages, heavy metals or nitric oxide regulation. This is possibly why those with high blood pressure are at such risk with Covid-19.

Good news.

While medicine is currently inadequate it is possible to make dramatic changes to your macrophages in as little as 10 days.  Functional health specialist Chris Pickard B.Sc provides online training programs that take you through a step by step approach to restore nitric oxide regulation, lower heavy metals and improve macrophage health.  It starts with a 10 day ‘blood pressure blitz’ – a dietary, nutritional and specific exercise approach designed to rapidly address the underlying causes of poor health.

“It is important that you stay on the medicine your doctor has prescribed through this process, and only lower it once your underlying conditions improve and your doctor says it’s safe to do so” Chris points out.

“I first became interested in natural approached to high blood pressure when my father’s diabetes became so bad his doctor was going to put him on insulin injections. This was despite being of normal weight, being moderately active and following the NHS guidelines on eating.

My father however, refuses to have injections (even at the dentists!) and was determined to improve. So he asked me what else he could try. Without going into detail I put him on an intense detox.

Within a few days his system started to improve. Within 2 weeks his blood sugar and blood pressure where normal, and within 3 weeks he took himself off his medication.

Since that time I have studied with and learned from top functional medical doctors around the world who specialise in fixing the true, underlying cases of chronic disease like high blood pressure and diabetes”

If you, or anyone you know, have blood pressure problems, now is the time to seek help.  To qualify for help form one of Chris’s online programs you must have internet access.  Call now on 01707 662 704 and ask to start the ‘blood pressure blitz’ program.

With covid-19 rampant in the UK there has never been a more important time to lower your blood pressure – naturally.

Call now on 01707 662 704 and leave a message if calling out of hours (although at the moment, all phones are forwarded to allow him to work from home).

More Info – https://lowerpressure.gr8.com/




Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Posted In: Wellness Coaching

Published on 31 Mar 2020


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