How to Prevent Heart Disease

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How to Prevent Heart Disease

The chances are you know someone with heart disease.

The chances are that the only focus is on lowering cholesterol.

This is like trying to stop your house from burning down by keeping one or two rooms in your house wet.  This may prevent some fires in those rooms but actually increases the risk of electrical fires.

The point is, cholesterol is NOT a main cause of heart disease.

Before going on any medication here are 6 great questions to ask your doctor:

There are more important tests to do than cholesterol lone:

You may have also been alerted to the fact that the ‘bad’ saturated fats actually PROTECT your heart.  Something us Functional Health providers have been noticing for years.

What may not have been told is diabetes medication aggravates blood pressure, and that ant-acid drugs like lansoprazole and pantoprazole increase strokes by up to 90%.

You also may not have been told that up to 90% of high blood pressure may be down to just one nutrient deficiency – a deficiency made worse by statin drugs and even some ‘blood pressure ‘ pills.

Are you confused as to what to do know?

This is knowledge I have picked up from a heart consultant, functional health experts, and reading medical journals for 24 years.

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If you want my recommendation to a great heart consultant then call us on 01707 662 704.

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Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Posted In: How to Be Healthy

Published on 8 Mar 2017


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