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If You Want To Be Healthy Now, Next Year, And For The Rest Of Your Life, You Must Re-Learn What You Think About Ageing

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Get an EPIC vision of ageing

The above headline sums up everything I want to communicate today.  Everybody wants more life, everybody wants to stay healthy; but very few have a healthy image of ageing.

If you constantly think of ageing as a process of decay and dementia it will increase your chances of that happening.  On the other side, if you learn to see ageing as a process of gaining wisdom, and getting tougher, then you will increase your chances of staying young and healthy – like the lady in the picture who is over 70.

What is Possible?

You may need some wellness coaching:

 Stanislaw Kowalski, 104 year old sprinter

How to live to 100

Living Well at 104

Welwyn garden city, Hatfield, Potters bar, Hertfordshire

 Harry Bernstein, became a successful author at almost 100 years old

Harry Bernstein at 97

Harry Bernstein at 98

 Jim Arrington, working out at 81

Can you do this at your age?

Can you do this at your age?

Fauja Singh, 100 Year Old Marathon Runner

Fauja Singh 100 year old marathon runner

On top of the world at 100

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Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Published on 30 Jan 2015


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