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Well hello,

It’s been about a month since I last wrote, as I’ve been busy with other things – including a draft of a technical article about chiropractic (you can read it here if you wish – ), putting together a “Chiropractic Wellness Centres’ Guide to Health and Wellness” an exercise DVD, and a book about health too.

More about all these soon, but today I just had to write something about some related items of health news that got my blood boiling.

Before reading any further, I must issue a warning – if you are at all sensitive on the issue of vaccination (especially the MMR/autism debate) then stop reading now, as what I have found is a shocking, alarming scandal that deserves more press time than the MP expenses debacle, or Cheryl Cole.

So as I said, if you’re sensitive to these issues then turn away now…

This is a story of 3 doctors, some chimpanzees and has a surprise appearance by Calpol (children’s paracetamol).

The first doctor has had his license to practice taken away despite no complaints from any patients, and nothing being found wrong with his research. The second illegally injected an untested vaccine into two Africans and killed them, his previous research has been investigated for fraud and yet no charges have been brought against him by the medical community. The third doctor was a co-author of a study that has been ridiculed as fraudulent, yet is used by our government and doctors to ‘prove’ the MMR vaccine is not linked to autism, and has now disappeared with $2 million of US tax-payers money.

The first doctor is of course Dr Andrew Wakefield who had the misfortune to investigate the bowels of a group of autistic-like children who turned out to be infected with a form of measles they got from vaccination. The findings of this study have never been scientifically disputed, neither have the findings of a second study he has just completed.

It turns out that the way a drug company proves a vaccine is safe for children is by giving a version of it to 10 monkeys and observing them for 21 days. If any of the monkeys die – guess what? The vaccine isn’t then proven dangerous, no, they find another 10 monkeys and do it again. The vaccine is then altered and then has additives (such as forms of bleach and formaldehyde) added, and then given to children with no further testing.

Dr Wakefield decided he would do the ’10 monkeys’ test himself, but using the actual vaccines given to kids. The end result – the monkeys suffered neurological damage.

The result of this is that Dr Wakefield has lost his license, no newspaper has taken up the full story and the public, the government and most medical doctors remain unaware of the truth.

The thing to remember here though is animal research does not necessarily equate to human research – most monkeys suffered damage, but it is obvious that all humans don’t, only some. I should also point out that the monkeys in the study received a vaccine that contained mercury which no vaccines in the UK currently use. (The aluminium now used in UK vaccines could however be worse as aluminium is linked to brain damage).

The second doctor has fared better – Dr Robert Gallo, who’s original work into the link between HIV and AIDS has been found to be, ‘polluted with systematic exaggerations and outright falsehoods of unprecedented proportions.’ (, yet his work is still the basis for potentially misguided Aid’s research, including a vaccine he illegally used which resulted in the death of those he used it on. But because he tows the party line on ‘vaccines are great’ got away with it scot free.

Then you have the third doctor – Poul Thorsen, who’s proven fraudulent work was ironically used to disprove that of Andrew Wakefield, and just like Dr Gallo’s is still being erroneously used. Dr Thorsen has since disappeared with money given to him for research and no mention of it in any newspapers or so called ‘scientific medicine’ blogs.

So does any of this seem at all fishy to you?

So do we know what does cause autism? Well no, but evidence does point to multiple factors, which brings me to this new study which has found autism is defiantly higher in children that had calpol, or some other paracetamol containing drug given to them after having the MMR. This is not he first time paracetamol has been linked to autism.

The other thing we know for a fact is that in cultures such as the Amish who do not vaccinate at all, there is no autism. But they also have much more nutritious food, spend more time doing physical labour, have less toxic exposure, probably only breastfeed their babies, and a whole load of other differences too.

For more information on these issues go to and
And please pass this information on so that no-one gives calpol to a child after having a vaccine.

Best of Health

Dr Chris

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Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Posted In: How to Be Healthy

Published on 8 Apr 2010


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