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Finchley Pregnancy Nutrition

Good Nutrition for Pregnancy

Nutrition is often considered by medical doctors as a bit like voodoo and especially when it comes to pregnancy. However, more research emerges on a daily basis just how important it really is to supplement a good diet with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, especially when there is an increased demand on your body.

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Prozac with your tea?

or HRT in your kid’s squash?

There are MAJOR problems with tap water, and its only going to get worse….

1) Chlorinated water is associated with 9% of bladder cancer and 18% of rectal cancers and has been linked to the skin cancer melanoma. Perhaps more shocking is that pregnant mothers drinking more than 5 glasses a day of tap water had an increased chance of miscarriage.

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Eat Your Water

For years I have been telling patients to Eat More Water.

Below these videos you will find a list of high water content foods.

Remember though – strangely seeds may be hydrating!

Discover the Ganoderma brand I use:


The Quench Book:


Almonds 7%
Apples 85%
Apricots 85%
Bananas 76%
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February 6, 2011

Spinach, Wonderful Spinach

Papers recently have reported that Popeye was right about the muscle strengthening power of spinach. The secret is in the nitrates contained in the spinach. It helps muscle cells become a lot more efficient, needing less oxygen, 5% less to be exact. The amount needed is 300g a day, but most green leafy matter will contain nitrates too. The effects can be realised after just 3 days.

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