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Lily, the newest member of our family

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Canada 2015

Part of staying healthy is getting plenty of rest and recharge time, and for me, that means getting to see family in Canada. Plenty of fresh air, and getting my own food fresh from the sea helps. ...and taking plenty of pictures helps me remember...


There are now 2 Turkey's on my mind. First is the fab holiday I just had (pictures below) and second is the turkey I'll be having at Christmas! Yes, now the children are back at school it means the run up via Halloween (BIG event in our house due...

Tai Chi Welwyn Garden City

Normally I go and see Bob Fermor (three times a world Kung Fu champion) and Dave (in the video) on Mondays for a Tai Chi class near Welwyn Garden City. However, one day they turned up to give me some intense training and Bob filmed it on my phone....

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At the Body In Balance we practice one of the widest range of techniques of any clinic in the country. Patients benefit as often we can use a combination of techniques resulting in faster natural pain relief for the patient.