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Dr Bob Rakowski Detox Testimonial

Detox Kicks Bad Habits!

I recently received a great testimonial from someone who went through the ‘Dr Bob Detox’ in order to help him stop drinking so much.

Before sharing his results, here is an update of further benefits I have received:

 Detox Can reveal Your True Addictions

Dear Chris.

I completed my 7 day detox this morning and thought you may be interested in my thoughts and the results I achieved.

Firstly, as you know, my primary reason for detoxing was to try and wean myself off the bottle of wine a day I have been consuming for the past considerable length of time. Hypnotherapy (at the pain clinic), meditation, concerns over high blood pressure and concerns from friends and family haven’t been able to help me reduce my consumption at all. Though I follow a healthy diet (no irony intended), weight train, cycle and run most days of the week I have also become reliant on Diet Coke to see me through the energy lows that come from consuming so much alcohol and I have been drinking at least a litre a day, often more!

Hence the Programme.

Having made the commitment I had no fear that I would be able to complete it but, despite watching the film of your experience, my primary concern was that I would have a major reaction to alcohol and caffeine deprivation; would end up with blinding headaches, diarrhea, zero energy, etc and be continually hungry. Chris, the programme was excellent!

I can honestly say that I didn’t experience a prolonged headache throughout the 7 days. I got the occasional pain (rather like a hunger pain, a niggling irritation in my temple that lasted until I had some vegetables), but nothing like I’ve been experiencing from all the wine I’ve been consuming or my bodies reaction when I’ve attempted to reduce my caffeine intake.

Days 2 and 7 were my worst days:

Day 2. Very little energy and feelings of anxiety alternating with poor focus (not all the time but when it was time to take another shake).

Day 7. No energy and bad tempered (out of sorts), but maybe due to feeling so well on Day 6 I had done too much exercise and gardening!

Days 3,4,5,and 6. Woke up with lots of energy, was able to continue with my free weight programme and gentle 3km runs each day. Felt focused and perfectly able to work.

I was really impressed with the programme, the shakes are filling and reasonably tasty (as you know). My major problem was with eating so many ‘greens’. I can honestly say I missed salt more than I missed either the wine or the Coke, however what I craved most was fruit; a continual longing for any fresh fruit at all times of the day…I guess it was sugar I really wanted and, apart from wine,fruit is my primary source of sugar.

Anyway, here are the results from my 7 day programme. I weighed myself each day, took three blood pressure readings from which i got the days average and then calculated the reduction for the week.

BP: 06/07/15                             132/ 84

BP: 13/07/15                             115/ 78

Waist:     06/07                              34.5″

Weight:     06/07                           67kg
                 13/07                                   64.1kg

Body Fat:     06/07                16.4

Muscle:            06/07                53.1
                         13/07                52.1

Visceral Fat: 06/07                    7.5
13/07                        5

I’m amazed by the reduction in my blood pressure and if I can keep off the salt as well as the wine and coke I have no doubt that I’ll be making an appointment with the Dr to discuss reducing my medication.

Waist reduction is great and by sticking to a clean diet, free of alcohol, aspartamine and soda I know I’ll reduce more fat from my waist line.

Visceral Fat result is fantastic!

I would wholeheartedly recommend this programme, it was easy, practical, simple, not too challenging and easy to fit in with my everyday life. The results are fantastic and I’m optimistic that I’ll be able to keep off the wine until I feel strong enough to reintroduce into my life occasionally and only at social occasions.

Many thanks Chris, wish me luck and wish me well




How to Explain Chiropractic to Others

Thank you Hertfordshire and North London

Thank you Hertfordshire and North London













We cannot thank our family, friends, patients, and allied health care providers enough for referring patients to our practice.

There is no other form of advertising that attracts the quality of patients as those our patients refer to us.

So, here’s some information that may help you tell others about us, in either Hertfordshire or North London:

Chiropractic has been around since 1895 and is the third largest healthcare profession in the world:

* The primary focus of treatment includes the neuromusculoskeletal system (nerves, muscles, joints) such as disk herniations (e.g., sciatica, pinched nerves), sprains and strains, sports injuries, neck pain (e.g., whiplash), headaches, and many others.

* The treatment includes a “hands-on” approach where massage, manual traction, joint manipulation and mobilization are commonly utilized. In general, the treatment typically feels good and patients look forward to the process.

* In many cases (such as low back pain, neck pain, headaches), chiropractic care may function as the primary or only treatment that is needed. However, when other medical conditions co-exist, the combination of chiropractic and medical treatment is often better than either one by itself (depending on the condition).

* Over the last 20-30 years, a significant volume of research has been published finding chiropractic approaches to be either equal or superior to other forms of healthcare provision for low back and neck pain, headaches, and other conditions.

* In the USA many hospitals, medical clinics and VA facilities have integrated chiropractic into their healthcare systems. Medicare and Medicaid have included chiropractic coverage since the 1970’s and most private insurers (in the UK and the USA) include chiropractic coverage due to the significant volume of research reporting the benefits, cost savings, and patient satisfaction.

Your individual story may actually be the most important thing you can share.

You can read what others have experienced in our North Finchley and Hertfordshire chiropractic clinics

Exercises for Sciatica Relief

Seated Exercises for Sciatica Relief

With all exercises make sure you follow the instructions, and if you are in any doubt stop them.  If you do have severe sciatic pain then please consult a health care professional before trying any exercise.

Prone and Supine Exercises for Sciatica

For more information on Sciatica treatment and diagnosis:
Effective Sciatica Treatment Hertfordshire
Sciatica Diagnosis and Help Hertfordshire and Finchley

Sciatica Treatment Hatfield – this is just an informational video

Effective Sciatica Treatment in Hertfordshire and North London

How to Find Effective Sciatica Treatment

You know you are in the right place for your Sciatica when you get a full examination and a proper diagnosis.  You may find my previous blog post helpful – Sciatica Diagnosis

Depending on the cause of your sciatica you may fiend different therapists, or combinations of therapists work.  Such as chiropractic or osteopathy combined with acupuncture.

Very often the cause of your back, hip and leg pain will have multiple factors, including sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits, so make sure whoever you see addresses not just your immediate pain, but your general lifestyle too.


Sciatica Diagnosis and Treatment

Sciatica Diagnosis In Hertfordshire and Finchley

One of the most common complaints we see as chiropractors is sciatica.  This is because so many people have been told, or think they have it.  The truth about sciatica is more complicated than just knowing what to call it though.

Causes of Sciatica

Sciatica, in lay terms, can mean anything form pain in the back or buttocks, to sharp shooting pain all the way down the leg into the foot.  There are many different causes of these pains though, some of which are due to problems with the sciatic nerve, and some which are not.

Piriformis Syndrome Treatment

One cause of sciatic pain is when the nerve is squeezed by the piriformis muscle.  This cause of sciatica is therefore diagnosed as piriformis syndrome.









disc bulge causing sciatica

The most common cause of sciatic pains is a disc bulge in the lumber spine compressing one of the nerve roots.

There are many causes of back and leg pain that get diagnosed as sciatica such as facet joint problems and sacroiliac joint syndrome.

The most important thing is to get examined by an expert!

For more articles on low back pain – Low back pain

The Purpose of a Chiropractic Adjustment

Even though chiropractic can help with many pain related conditions, pain relief is not actually the main purpose of an adjustment.

As living beings we are self regulating, and should be self healing.  The ‘master control system’ of your body is your nervous system.  If your nervous system is in any way compromised, then your overall ability to heal will be to.  We know that a properly working spine (not just pain free) is essential for the nervous system and brain to function optimally.  Therefore the purpose of a chiropractic adjustment is to help you express optimal health.

Chiropractic Saves Lives (part 2)

Having just come back from a great chiropractic conference I am full of important stories to share again.

This time it’s Andrew Lloyd Webber and Mahatma Gandhi.   Chiropractic seems to have saves Andrew Lloyd Webber form suicide, and apparently worked magic on Gandhi’s blood pressure.

Chiropractic Saves Lives Part 1

Will Texting Shorten Your Life?

You may have seen some headlines recently about texting being a possible health hazard, but why is this?

It’s all to do with one of the Golden Rules of Health – Keep Good Posture.

Texting, like reading books, sitting at computers, driving etc, encourages poor posture, and as you can tell we already have enough things causing us to slouch.

And poor posture compresses the lungs, heart, stomach and puts damaging pressure on the spinal cord.  It is all of these that combine to cause an early death.

I expand upon this in my video inspired by a chapter in Brett Hill’s book, ‘How to Eat an Elephant’, and if you really want to know more, then download my Posture Report – Click Here

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