Low Back Pain

Are You Suffering From Lower Back Pain?
You are not alone…

Lower back pain is without a doubt the most disabling and aging condition that strikes almost everyone at some point.  In practice it is the one condition that makes everyone say “I feel like an old man (or woman)”.

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Here’s some background to the back pain problem in the UK:

  •  Back pain results in over 80 million days off work
  •  80% of people will be affected by back pain at some point in their lives
  •  Back problems occur equally in sedentary work and manual work
  •  Back problems create 7 million visits to the GP
  •  Most are in the 16-44 age range
  •  33,000 back accidents are related to the workplace
  •  Problems reoccur in 80% of the cases
  •  80% of “VDU” workers have back problems

So if you are suffering back pain.. you are in in the “majority” and the good news is chiropractic can really help, both in the short term by relieving the pain and in the longer term, prevent re-occurrence and maybe in the meantime give you mobility you thought you had lost.

What causes back pain?

Unsurprisingly, as back pain effects so many people the causes of back pain are many. As we are only “given” one spine it makes sense to look after it.  Here are some of the more common causes:

What is the solution?

Government Studies reveal lower back pain sufferers have received very good news lately.  Major studies from the US, Canada and UK have reaffirmed what chiropractic patients have been telling their friends with back pain for years: “Why don’t you see my chiropractor? You’ll probably get better much faster than from drugs or surgery- and it’s safer too.

What the British Researchers found

In 1991 the Medical Research Council sent shock-waves through the health care system when a definite public pronouncement established chiropractic as one of the preferred and most effective methods of care for acute adult low back pain.

“Chiropractic almost certainly confers worthwhile long term benefits in comparison with hospital out patient management”.

If all these patients were referred for chiropractic instead of hospital treatment, the annual cost would be about four million pounds.

Our results suggest that there might be a reduction of some 290,000 days in sickness absence during 2 years, saving about 13 million in output and 2.9 million in social security payments”. British Medical Journal, June 2nd 1990 –

Do GP’s recommend chiropractic?

In 1999 The Royal College of General Practitioners updated their guidelines for the treatment of acute low back pain. The main points from these guidelines may shock you, those relevant to chiropractors are:

  • Not to recommend the use of bed rest as a treatment method, as it is not as effective as alternative treatments for pain relief and likely to make back pain worse.
  • Early intervention is essential for effective management and full recovery.
  • Spinal manipulation is recommended for patients who are failing to return to normal activities.
  • Also add some of the What science says  parts from existing website

Does Chiropractic work in severe cases of Chronic Spinal Pain?

The July 2003 issue of Spine compared three different types of care to see which was most effective.

The treatments compared were:

  • Medicine (pain killers)
  • Acupuncture and
  • Chiropractic.

The study was conducted in Australia.

The results: chiropractic the most effective, acupuncture second and drugs third.

Chiropractic was an amazing three to four times more likely to bring about recovery than the other two treatments.

A second bonus was the measured overall increase in health.  While acupuncture and pain killer patients had measured 15% and 18% increases in general health, those undergoing chiropractic care had an increase of 47%.

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