When I came to the Pain Relief Centre in Brookmans Park

I was in a great deal of pain, and quite frankly very anxious as I not only had back pain, but testicular pain as well. I’d been to the hospital and they had done some tests but told me nothing.

The chiropractic clinic is very professional and Dr Chris was great.

He listened, performed a thorough examination and then proceeded to explain what was wrong.

I must admit that when I left the clinic I felt a bit negative, as I could not believe that the quick and painless (chiropractic) treatment I had received would work. The next morning though I was happily surprised. I woke up feeling a hundred times better.

Not only had the pain almost completely gone I realized that I had more energy.

One things for sure, if I ever have any pain, or any health problem, the Pain Relief Centre is the first place I’ll call.

Dr Chris was much more helpful than my doctor.