Shoulder Injuries

There are 4 major shoulder problems we see here at Body in Balance

  1. Frozen Shoulder
  2. Rotator Cuff Injuries
  3. Shoulder Instability
  4. Shoulder Arthritis

And often related to all 4, is slumped shoulders and poor posture.

Here are some great exercises to help posture, stability and rotator cuff injuries.

These first 2 are very good to do as a warm up before other shoulder exercises in the the gym in order to prevent injury, as well as being good to rehab.

You can also do this first motion with no resistance band, with your back to a door frame, trying to ‘pinch’ the door frame with your shoulder blades.

You can try this one with or without the neck motion.

This is a great exercise to do every day for shoulder strength and stability:

And great to move the upper spine:

More on shoulder blades and posture:

And a good stretch for the subscapularis;

And a great exercise from Athlene X