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The Rules of Health No 3 – Hydration

“Water is a basic nutrient for the human body and is critical to human life. It supports the digestion of food, absorption, transportation and use of nutrients and the elimination of toxins and wastes from the body”.
Professor Jamie Bartram of the World Health Organisation

how much water do you need to drink
Me – hydrating in Turkey

70% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water and by some amazing coincidence your body is made of 70% water too.

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Good Posture: Rule Number One For Good Health

The Benefits of Good Posture

The following came from a friends website:

Good Posture and Success in the Business World

Harvard Business School recently distributed an article entitled, “The Power of Posture” stating that your stance, broadly speaking, signals to the world how energetic, confident, and powerful you are. Slumped shoulders, a slow pace, and a sagging belly are taken by the world to mean that you lack confidence, that you don’t have much energy, and that you are probably less important, successful, and powerful as a result.

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