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Bust the Stress Habit Part 1

More stress reduction techniques. This time, it’s about beating stress before it starts.

Every day we have pretty much the same thoughts we had the day before.  So if you spent most of yesterday stressing about something, it is likely you’ll do the same today, and tomorrow, and the day after.

So it’s time to bust the stress habit and make a grateful list. Engage all your senses in this process and you’ll get maximum stress busting success.

Watch the video for details:

If you know anyone suffering with high levels of stress, or if you think your work place could do with more help, then pass them this video and ring me at the clinic.


Stress Reduction Technique 2

Don’t let stress build up, cause an illness and kill you!

Use this simple stress reduction technique at the end of the day, laying down, even walking once you get good at it.

If you are not stressed try it anyway as the best time to learn something is before you need it.

If you think you need more stress management than a short video, then call me at the clinic on 01707 662 704.



Stress, Insulin, Cholesterol, Hormones and Your Brain.

Stress reduction technique

You could follow the advice in the picture above, which is pretty much how most people deal with stress – badly – OR you could start to understand what’s happening and what you could really do:

The purpose of this little essay is to give you a quick crash course in human physiology so you can get the big picture of how stress causes disease and why so many people in the West get heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromylgia, arthritis, diabetes and dementia to name just a few.

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