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Stress Reduction Breathing Technique 1

stress reduction hertfordshire

There is no controversy here – stress kills and there are many causes.
The three categories of stress are:

  1. Physical
  2. Chemical
  3. Mental

One way to combat stress is to learn simple breathing techniques and the best time to learn a stress reduction technique is BEFORE you are stressed, so here is a simple one to start.

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Stress, Insulin, Cholesterol, Hormones and Your Brain.

Stress reduction technique

You could follow the advice in the picture above, which is pretty much how most people deal with stress – badly – OR you could start to understand what’s happening and what you could really do:

The purpose of this little essay is to give you a quick crash course in human physiology so you can get the big picture of how stress causes disease and why so many people in the West get heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromylgia, arthritis, diabetes and dementia to name just a few.

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