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As I sit here with my sign saying “Free bilateral blood pressure and proprioception tests”, and my big pull up display for a free 19 point health check for back pain, neck pain, headaches and sports injuries it should hit home with almost everyone who walks past – as nearly everyone suffers with one of these, or will do.

But people walk on by.

Even those with obvious stoops and limps.

The sad fact is many of these people are probably suffering, and many more have preventable problems.

This is why I need your help. Let everyone you know in on the secret of chiropractic. Tell them we offer free check ups, for both those with problems, and those interested in prevention.

Also tell them that thanks to the internet, video and various supplements and books, that I can do email consultations and can even help those on the other side of the world.

Please help us help those you love. Send them to us for free check ups, and to my blogs, or facebook fan page.

Look up ‘the pain relief centres’ on facebook.

Best of Health

Chris Pickard

Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Published on 6 Nov 2010


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