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The Braverman Nature Assessment

A number of years ago I read a fascinating book all about the brain – The Edge Effect, by Dr Eric Braverman.

In it he describes the four major chemicals that control and regulate our brain, and how the balance of them effects our health. These chemicals are known as neurotransmitters and are called dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine, and GABA.

In a nutshell:
Dopamine increases mental and physical power and reflexes.
Acetylcholine is needed for speed of thought.
GABA calms and stabilises the brain.
Serotonin helps resynchronise the brain and begin each day refreshed.

Some people naturally have higher levels of one neurotransmitter, and stress, injury, and poor diet can lead to deficiencies in them too. It is this interplay between natural levels, and acquired deficiencies that can play a part in causing disease.

According to Dr Braverman it’s not just depression, memory problems, Parkinson’s and the likes that can caused by brain neurotransmitter problems. A whole range of seemingly unrelated conditions – such as arthritis, headaches, PMS, high blood pressure, weight gain, thyroid problems, addictions, and even kidney problems and osteoporosis may all have their origins in the brain.

To chiropractors the idea that the brain and nervous system has such a tremendous and far reaching effect on human health is no surprise, and his form of treatment works very well with what we do at the clinic.

Dr Braverman has developed a simple questionnaire – the “Braverman Nature Assesment” which along with a medical history, examination and perhaps lab tests helps identify the balance of the four neurotransmitters and therefore an appropriate treatment plan. His treatment involves a range of therapies including diet, nutrition, and limited use of drugs in more serious cases. (Mine involves diet, exercises, nutrition and brain based wellness tools – no drugs)

If you’re interested in taking the test you can download it here:

If you would like help interpreting what it means, and what to do next, then schedule a consultation.

Best of Health
Dr Chris

Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Published on 24 May 2010


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