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…about their bottom line, not you.

I wish I knew why medical doctors and the government carry on trusting the drug companies. This year alone pharmaceutical giants have been sued for causing thousands heart attacks in Scotland due to the drug Vioxx (a side effect they knew about), causing untold misery with the HRT Premarin (side effects they knew about) and are currently under investigation for causing the swine flu scare just to make money.

It seems however that there may be some things our government won’t swallow – and that is putting antibiotics on the shelves for all to buy.

Despite the facts that wide spread antibiotic overuse has lead to the emergence of superbugs like MRSA, two drug companies, Goldshield and Actavis, thought it would be a good idea to allow them to be sold over the counter.

Who knows where this would lead, and luckily the government have said no to this one.

It is another clear indication though that the drug companies main aim is not to make the world a healthier place, but a world full of people dying to get their drugs.

I wonder who has killed more – the so called ‘drug barons’ of Columbia, or the real drug barons. Actually we already know the answer – last year alone an estimated million people died from prescription drugs being taken properly.

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Dr Chris
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Written by Dr Chris Pickard

Published on 11 Jun 2010


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