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FG Xpress for Natural Pain Relief

FG Xpress Power Strips offer Pain Relief and Increased Energy

According to the reports and testimonials coming in, this new product is set to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, both those in pain, and for athletes seeking an edge.

FG Xpress Power Strips are basically patches you wear that both reduce pain and improve energy.

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Hatfield and Finchley Chiropractic Testimonials

Testimonials For Chiropractor Chris Pickard DC

Here are a few testimonials….

I have not only been to Dr Chris with back issues after a car accident, but have taken my new born son to be treated by him. I have recommended him regularly over the years to family and clients alike and every one of them has seen the benefit of his expertise. Dr Chris is the easiest recommendation I can make.

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February 28, 2013

Lower Back Pain Treatment at Home

Having treated lower back pain for almost 20 years, I’ve learned a thing or two about what can be done at home, right now, to try and ease your back pain.

First off though, I have to warn you that low back pain can be a very serious condition, especially if it lasts more than 3 days – and immediately if you have tingling or numbness (especially around your buttocks or groin), or if you loose bowel or bladder control.

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The Natural Pain Relief Report

The Natural Pain Relief Report by Chris Pickard DC

Why Paracetamol Will Wreck Your Health

My Current Top Recommendations For Natural Pain Relief

1) Start with a great wholefood diet, and ditch processed foods, grains and added sugar

2) Hydrate

3) Restore your omega3 to omega 6 ratio: Clean Fish Oil

4) Improve your Omega 3 abilities further with ‘pro-resolvins’: PRM Resolve

5) A great mix of anti-inflam herbs: Inflam-Eze Plus

6) PEA for bowel and nerve pain: Nerve Eze

7) read on….

  • Over 100 million people are suffering from chronic/persistent pain everyday!
  • According to Web MD.com, in 2008, the US spent over 86 BILLION DOLLARS on neck & back pain plus BILLIONS more on arthritis, tendinitis, muscle pain etc.
  • The fact that every 7 seconds someone is turning age 65, likely with chronic pain ailments, this figure is likely to go up!
  • The money spent on pain relief is largely unaffected by the state of the economy meaning money is more likely to be pulled from other areas of government spending – like education and police
  • There is no known “cure” for pain

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January 20, 2013

What Doctors Won’t Do

I was alerted to this article, What Doctors Won’t Do, on the Guardian website by Martina Mckeough a hypnotherapist who works in our clinic – The Pain Relief Centre in Brookmans Park

(Martina does all the usual hypnotherapy stuff to help people stop smoking, gain confidence, get over fears an phobias etc, but she specializes in weight loss using the Hypno-Band method)

What Some Doctors Won’t Do. Others Will

The article was simply a list of short interviews, mainly with doctors, and was quite revealing about what some will and won’t do.

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Human Needs Psychology

Who Needs Human Needs Psychology?
We all do!

Your mindset, your state of mind, your attitude, your outlook on life, call it what you will, it is you who decides how to interpret every little thing that happens to you – good or bad.

It is your mind that ultimately decides whether or not you can do something, and it is your mind that will then decide to actually do it!

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